Practical Operations Podcast

A pragmatic podcast discussing Systems, Operations and Scaling with a focus on real world use cases and solutions to common problems.

Hosted by Breandan Dezendorf, Breandan Dezendorf has 20 years of operations experience, a degree in Journalism and has managed monitoring and alerting systems for every company he's ever worked for. Jack Neely, Jack Neely has been in operations for close to 20 years and finds solutions through code. Experience in configuration management, time series based metrics, and automating platform deployments for large companies. and Jarod Watkins. Jarod Watkins has over 12 years experience in operations at small companies and startups. Automation and infrastructure as code are his specialty.

Practical Operations is a pragmatic podcast about the difference between running your IT organization the "Right Way" and the Practical Way. Your hosts talk about the theory of small to web scale operations and DevOps and then discuss how to get the most out of these tools in practice.

Your hosts Breandan Dezendorf, Jack Neely, and Jarod Watkins have over 50 years of IT experience. Practical experience in small companies and research groups of only a handful of people to large multinational technology companies, cloud providers, and major universities. We practice operations.

Episode 87 - You Don't (Always) Need Kubernetes

March 27, 2020

Where we discuss the fact that for many environments, Kubernetes may be overkill. That said, it still has an important role to play.

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Special Episode - Preparing For Pandemic Triggered Remote Work

March 16, 2020

Where we discuss the mass migration of the tech community to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, even if only on a temporary basis.

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Episode 86 - Moving Back To The Monolith

March 13, 2020

Where we discuss the future of microservices… is it the monolith?

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Episode 85 - Concurrency vs Parallelism in Systems Design

February 28, 2020

Where we discuss concurrency and parallelism in systems design, and touch on programming languages and challenges a little bit.

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Episode 84 - Observability Best Practices

February 14, 2020

Where we discuss best practices around selecting technologies and strategies for building an observability stack.

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Episode 83 - Analog Tools For a Digital World - Part 2

January 31, 2020

Where we discuss analog tools for an work-from-home digital world. Desk ergonomics, common utility items, and other considerations to make life easier.

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Episode 82 - Analog Tools For a Digital World

January 21, 2020

Where we discuss analog tools for an on-the-go digital world. Everyday Carry Bags, the contents of said bags, and our preferences for notebooks and writing implements.

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Episode 81 - The End Of The Year

January 3, 2020

Where we talk about evens in 2019 and expectations of 2020.

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Episode 80 - Revisiting Immutable Infrastructure

December 20, 2019

Where we talk (again) about immutable infrastructure, especially now that Kubernetes has a mature way to handle state, the statefulset.

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Episode 79 - Professional Certifications and Exams

December 6, 2019

Where we discuss professional certifications, exams and some of the pitfalls and caveats that go along with them.

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