Practical Operations Podcast

A pragmatic podcast discussing Systems, Operations and Scaling with a focus on real world use cases and solutions to common problems.

Hosted by Breandan Dezendorf, Breandan Dezendorf has 15+ years of operations experience, a degree in Journalism and has managed monitoring and alerting systems for every company he's ever worked for. Jack Neely, Jack Neely has been in operations for over 15 years and finds solutions through code. Experience in configuration management, time series based metrics, and automating platform deployments for large companies. and Jarod Watkins. Jarod Watkins has over 8 years experience in operations at small companies and startups. Automation and infrastructure as code are his specialty.

Practical Operations is a pragmatic podcast about the difference between running your IT organization the "Right Way" and the Practical Way. Your hosts talk about the theory of small to web scale operations and DevOps and then discuss how to get the most out of these tools in practice.

Your hosts Breandan Dezendorf, Jack Neely, and Jarod Watkins have over 35 years of IT experience. Practical experience in small companies and research groups of only a handful of people to large multinational technology companies, cloud providers, and major universities. We practice operations.

Episode 48: The Year Ahead (and Behind)

December 31, 2017

Where we discuss tech trends in 2017 and what we’re looking forward to in 2018.

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Episode 47 - Efficient Meetings

December 4, 2017

Where we discuss the reasons to have meetings, and some gudielines on making them less awful for everyone involved.

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Episode 46 - Service Design Documentation

November 26, 2017

Where we discuss guidelines for documenting, designing and deploying services.

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Episode 45 - Social and Technical Contracts For Teams

November 6, 2017

Where we discuss the social and technical contracts that should be considered when setting up a working group, both long-standing and ad-hoc.

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Episode 44 - Onboarding

October 6, 2017

Where we discuss onboarding new employees - both as a new hire and as a team bringing someone on.

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Episode 43 - Revisiting Backups

September 6, 2017

Where we discuss backups for contractors and small businesses in wake of the Crashplan For Home product exiting the market.

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Episode 42 - Choosing A License

August 17, 2017

Where we discuss available software licensing, both for code you have written and code you are thinking of adopting into your projects.

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Episode 41 - Get Up And Speak Already!

July 24, 2017

Where we discuss the importance of being able to give short (or long) presentations, and some practical advice for getting started.

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Episode 40 - Conway's Law and Confirmation Bias

July 11, 2017

Where we discuss Conway’s Law. which is the tendency of teams to build software that reflects the communication patterns of the larger organization, as well as confirmation biases and the Dunning Kruger effect, which blinds people to new ways to escape from the traps they set for themselves.

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Episode 39 - Is Nagios Viable?

June 30, 2017

Where we discuss the Nagios monitoring project, and how relevant it is in this day and age. (Hint: we think the answer is “Yes!”)

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